Star | Chefs | Asia
Star | Chefs | Asia


August, 2018

This blog is the journey for one of our businesses - LAO Gourmet presents

We suspect that we are the world’s leading agency for Michelin starred guests chefs.

 In Asia - 30 chefs in 2018 alone - this translates to almost 72 weeks - as most of our chefs come for 3 weeks - including our famed “Heavenly Week”.

For 2019 we expect this to be more than 36 chefs... and up to 100 weeks.

Our chefs, aside from doing hotel guest chef weeks & enjoying enjoying their "Heavenly Week” ……..

Also we curate bespoke, discreet & exclusive private dining events throughout Asia, for our luxury brand & private bank (wealth management etc) clients. 

In this blog we only feature “some” of our chefs…not all…..we apologise if you are missing and feel :(